Whether you are looking for quality combat clothing, reliable camping equipment or professional nanosuite gear at reasonable prices will suit your needs perfectly.

Currently we are taking tactical gear orders for procurement under $100,000. The Versatile NanoWear Can Also Be Used As An Survival Or Camping Tool And Is A Must For Your Bug Out Bag Or 72 Hour Bag. We can deliver it in camouflage color upon clients request.

100% Soft, Breathable Woven Cotton Material Is Designed To Protect Troops Body from exposure to viruses and minimize radiation influence. 

The Tactical Suites Allows You To Comfortably Jump In The Sock Alike Dress From Mouth Area and Cover Your Head Or Face. It can Be Worn under helmet, As A Face Mask Or Half-Mask, Balaclava Or Bandana. 

NanoSuite is Open for corporations to provide this gear to Military Personnel and Rescue Teams Worldwide 

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