Long-lasting design
With increased amount of chem-trails in the air, regular spreading of viral diseases up to the levels of pandemic and increased global environmental risks like radioactive pollution, bio-hazard waste and radio-waves of different frequency harming our bodies this suite would help to decrease environmental risks of human behaviors to its health.

Re usability and reliability

Our material uses silver kills germs and helps stop radiation when it oxidizes and releases silver ions, which are lethal to bacteria and yeast. Nanoparticles of silver, which can occur naturally, are more powerful than bigger particles because their large surface area relative to their mass increases the number of ions released.

Sustainable materials
At the same time with near field electromagnetic far field and the two kinds of radiation, which is more harmful to human body near field radiation. Mobile phone, for example, electromagnetic waves sent the phone itself, mobile phone base stations also send electromagnetic signals, but the human body and the phone is basically a "up close" is receiving near field radiation, the most damaging; and from the body and the mobile phone base stations in general more than 50 meters, which accept only the far field radiation, the radiation intensity in line with national standards, there is little harm to the human body.

Something else
Electromagnetic wave will cause people to decreased immunity, and may cause abnormal pregnancy and accidents abortion (abortion, deformed children, mentally handicapped Chidai Er, stillbirth, neonatal death) significantly increased the probability of 0-3 months (embryonic period) usually causes the body to defect or deformity 4-5 months (fetal formation) generally lead to IQ damage, and even cause dementia 6-10 months (fetal growth) generally lead to hypothyroidism, fitness and less resistance In the working and living environment can not avoid electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic waves and therefore protection is particularly important, through the proper protective measures to withstand the negative, into positive initiatives to protect themselves. Our suites are design to protect each members of the family.